You most likely have got one. The musty shelf in your shed rife with toxic paints, chemicals and aged gasoline for your lawn trimmer. Placed up high, these products are safe from your youngsters and household pets.

Good for you, but please think about the environment as well. It is vital that you don't throw these items out with the weekly trash. they must be disposed of properly. It’s estimated that every American home has an average of 100 pounds of hazardous household waste. This includes everything from paint and thinners to used motor oil, pesticides, bleach, cleaners and even batteries. Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFLs) are also considered hazardous waste due to the small amount of mercury they contain.

Start your spring off on the right path by putting these spring cleaning suggestions to beneficial use simply because they will certainly help to make the task so much better and faster once it comes time for your housecleaning task. Begin on your spring cleaning task by initially reading all of these ideas - they are certain to help make your task faster and simpler (and who does not want that). Spring cleaning may not be on everybodys top checklist of things to do for a Saturday morning, yet you will feel great at the time it's done. So what the heck is spring cleaning anyhow? Now that winter is over and the weather conditions are warming up, will we not devote most of our time outside? And this takes us to our point. since the family has been couped up in our houses through the winter and stuff can get a bit funky. By making use of the techniques here in this article you hopefully will find that you want to participate in spring cleaning because the results will be something that you and your loved ones will enjoy (when it's all done of course). A tidy home is soothing to the soul, it has positive effects on your relationship with your mate and there are significant, proven health advantages on top of that.

Asbestos uses in residential construction
Commonly found as a form of insulation for piping, roofing and flooring, many older homes built before 1980 may still contain asbestos. Heavily used throughout the 20th century for its fire and heat resistant qualities, asbestos has toxic qualities that can cause serious health problems for humans when exposed. This information was hidden from the public for more than sixty years!

Due to the fact asbestos production and use in the United States did not completely halt until the mid 1980’s, homes built before that time has the highest chance of containing asbestos.

As a homeowner, it is easy to avoid exposure by knowing some basic information and taking some precautions. One step you can take to avoid health-damaging situations is to have your home checked by a professional San Diego home inspector. You can achieve peace of mind in knowing your home is free and clear of any harmful materials!

Avoiding Asbestos: Healthy Tips

Homes or buildings may need renovations or structural inspections and a home inspector will identify any problematic materials and provide a professional consultation for you. In order to protect your investment, professional consultants can provide an evaluation of the home in adherence to or exceeding national, state, and industry regulations and standards.

If any asbestos is suspected or located in the home, the best advice is to leave it un-disturbed and un-touched until a professional can determine the proper course of action. Disturbing asbestos in good condition may cause its fibers to be released into the air. In the majority of situations, asbestos can appear in roof shingles, attic insulation, pipe coverings, joint compounds, electrical wires, furnace cement, fire brick and gaskets. Exposure to airborne asbestos fibers can potentially lead to the development of related lung ailments such as asbestosis and mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma is a form of asbestos lung cancer that occurs when its fibers become lodged into ones chest cavity. This illness has a very long latency period lasting anywhere from 20 to 50 years. This means that people will not know they have developed an asbestos-related illness until the latter stages of development. With limited treatments available, the disease receives poor prognosis from physicians. This makes a mesothelioma life span not as positive as one would hope.

Asbestos Removal and Eco-Friendly Alternatives

Implementing and enforcing the state’s environmental protection laws, The California Environmental Protection Agency ensures clean water, air, soil and waste recycling is performed throughout the state. These programs allow citizens to receive more information regarding the safe Removal and disposal of asbestos. Removal of hazardous materials in public facilities, workplaces and homes must be performed by licensed abatement contractors who are trained in handling toxic substances.

Building green with proper insulation will save you on bills. Rather than expensive and mal-treated wood, interior walls can be made from steel and concrete, avoiding many of the problems associated with asbestos and other insulation methods. The United States Green Building Council (USGBC) conducted a study which estimated a new savings of $50-$65 per square foot for positively constructed green buildings.

There are many green materials that replace the need for asbestos and can reduce energy costs annually such as: cotton fiber, lcynene foam and cellulose. Cotton fiber is quickly becoming a favorite for home builders and renovators. Made from recycled batted material, it is also treated to be fireproof. These asbestos alternatives allow for a healthy, safe home, free of health damaging materials. 

I receive lots of emails and telephone calls asking me the key to my success in this relatively short period of time, and how to become successful home inspector. While I'm flattered to actually be named being successful, it gets to become a somewhat daunting job of answering all the emails and tone of voice mails I obtain. I decided to create this blog to provide some tips as well as pointers to those people who are interested in entering the house inspection field. While I'll not divulge all my secrets completely, I will show in detail how to begin and some from the ideas that been employed by well for myself. Please keep in your mind that home inspections are extremely area specific as well as what might function in one the main country may not really work so well in other areas. Also please understand that the following is solely depending on my opinion and experience in your home inspection field.